Almond Hammered Bowl

Almond Hammered Bowl

Almond Hammered Bowl-Black-Sm in Nickel

8"Dia. x 2.75"H

Beach bottles

beach Bottles 

A twisty, turny neck extends up in a sunny yellow hue from a round turquoise and earth-toned rounded base. The bottles are a creative way to layer color into your space.

4"Dia. x 17.5"H Sm / 6"Dia. x 22"H Md /

 7"Dia. x 31"H lg

Seahorse Sculpture

Seahorse Sculpture

Inspired by William Denslow's early seahorse illustrations that appeared inside book covers for Roycroft, our verdi finished iron seahorse sculptures perch upon white marble bases ready to swim into your home.8.75"L x 3"W x 15.75"H

Only large available.

Dallop Bottle Crimson Lg, Md, Sm

Dallop Bottle Crimson

Delicate hand-blown glass in a pop of bold color make a beautiful statement anywhere! Brilliant, saturated crimson is given a soft matte finish by sandblasting. The irregularly tilting necks create a sway-like movement in each piece.

Butterfly for Brains

Butterflies for Brains

Butterflies for brains has hundreds of hand applied iron butterflies atop an iron bust. With a white marble base.  16"L x 12"W x 23.5"H

La Femme Baignoire

La Femme Baignoire

Parisian Sculpture Francois Rene Bergerun. Late 70's . A real pice to admire


Cherry Geordi Sculpture

These cherries in red, white, black and yellow lacquer with a bright brass etched stem are great stand-alone sculptures on your dining table or kitchen island... or sitting on top of a stack of books on your coffee table. Available in two sizes: 23" H and 16" H

Stockton Sculpture

Stockton Sculpture

Cubist…Brutalist…Industrial? This dark natural iron tabletop sculpture qualifies as all three. These four cubes, balanced on-pointe, create a visual tension that will garner a second look in any room. Perfectly sized for a bookcase or tabletop.H: 15in W: 12in D: 7.5in

Rhinoseron Jonathan Adler

Rhino Jewelery Box

Jonathan Adler Box. Porcelain.

Geo Sculpture

Geo Sculptures

These bold geometric sculptures are based on 19th century French architect's models. The ebony and walnut forms rest on iron bases. Set of 7


Donelly Sculpture

Stacked cubes combine to create a graphic sculpture that works in any room. The square iron bar stock emphasizes the angles, keeping this silhouette crisp and clean while the antique brass finish offers a touch of softness. This sculpture can be postioned several different ways.


Muse Bowl

Jonathan Adler Muse Bowl porcelain.

Ostrich Eggs Sculptures

Real eggs lacquered and mounted on acrylic stands.