Flower Dining table

Flower Dining Table

Sculptural flower dining table base in nickel plated steel 39" diam with a 0.375" thick tempered glass top. Available in 48" or 60" diam glass or just the base alone. Call us for details and pricing.

Toulosen Dining Table

Toulose dining table

Seared oak top and polished stainless steel base. Available in two sizes: 78 x 40 x 29" H and 96 x 40 x29" H

Strand Dining Table

Strand Dining Table

Sculptural flared rod dining table base in nickel plated steel with a beveled edge tempered glass top. Diameter of top of base 34 ½” Diameter of bottom of base 20”Height 27” 

Tornado Dining Table

Tornado Dining Table

Cyclonic metal rod base in chrome finish with white semi-gloss MDF top. Also available in stainless steel base with black top. 48" diam x 29"H

Ghost table

Ghost Dining Table

The GHOST extending table is aptly named for not taking up any visual space in your otherwise small space. It is constructed with a reflecting polished steel base and a white tempered glass top. It features a leaf that extends out from one end when you slide the set of legs out to accommodate 51 x 34 x 30"H opens to 71"

Iztuzu table

Iztuzu Dining Table

The stylish Iztuzu table is constructed with a beautifull mottled solid surface top similar to that which is used on kitchen counter tops which makes it super durable and practical. It is bacteria and mould resistant and easy to clean and the legs are made from a rich solid wanut which is clearcoated. 48" diam x 29" H

Genesis Dining Table

Genesis Dining Table

Tempered Glass Top and Stainless Steel Base.

39" Diam x 30' H

Lady dining table

Rect Lady Dining Tbl

Rectangular dining table Stainless steel base, tempered glass top. 42" L x 30" D x 30"  H

Available in 30" x 30" Square and in Bar 40" H or Counter 36"  height.

Lady Round table

Lady Round Table

Stainless Steel Base, glass top. Available in 24" / 32" / 36" Diam and three heights 30" / 36" / 40"

Chad dining table

Chad Dining Table

Polish stainless Steel, glass top or marble. L48”x W31”x H30”
Available in: 36″H Counter, 40″H Bar